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Enjoy Artwork at Your Leisure

Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre contains over 600 photographs of artwork and more than 30 hours of audio commentary – enjoy the Louvre’s priceless collections at a leisurely pace!

Detailed commentaries

Each artwork features detailed audio commentary, recorded by museum curators and art historians. These commentaries provide background on artists and their eras, particular points of interest to look out for, and additional information that will allow you to fully appreciate each work of art.

Along with the audio commentaries, high-resolution images, 3D models and video commentaries are also provided for some artwork.

High-resolution 2D / 3D images

The high-resolution images included in this software allow you to zoom in and appreciate every nook and cranny of the Louvre’s most famous artwork. High-resolution 3D images also provide stereoscopic representations of certain art.

3D models

3D models of certain sculptures are included so that you can examine and appreciate them from every angle. Why not take a look at some of the world’s most famous art from perspectives that are almost never seen, such as from directly above, or from behind?

Video commentaries

Watch a number of video commentaries on specific artwork and artists, various fields within the art world, the history of the Louvre and more, including: The Renaissance in Florence, Art from the Ancient Orient, and The Louvre Today, the Louvre Tomorrow.

Useful features

View automatic slideshows of artwork and scenes from inside the Louvre. An Art Clock is also available.


Seek out the Louvre’s must-see exhibits, search by name and filter for artwork with 3D models, high-resolution images, video commentaries, and more.

Listen to all commentaries

Automatically listen to all artwork audio commentaries. You can also randomize the order.

Favorite works

Mark pieces that you're particularly fond of and add them to your Favorite Works. Effortlessly look through a list of all your favorite artwork whenever you like.

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